What is your routine cleaning your leather tall boots or paddock boots?

I wipe mine down after every time I ride to try to make them last as long as possible. Also, I take the sole (mine is removable) out every other week to let them dry and air out! Good luck
Hi Lauryn!
Wow! I love the toothbrush method... I didn't even think about it! 😍
Thank you for your answer
If my tall boots are really dirty, I'll wipe them down with a damp rag before I put any product on. After I do that, I put either Effax Leather Balm or Fiebing's Mink Oil on my boots. I usually do a few layers until my boots no longer soak it up and I then wipe off the excess. I don't use leather soap on my boots as I find that it wears them down quicker. If I'm cleaning for a show, I'll use a toothbrush to go over the stitching, otherwise I just use a soft rag.
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