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What are your opions on riding tackless?

What are your opions on riding tackless?
So much fun, need to have heaps of trust in the horse or train it well start maybe in around yard or a paddock with no obstacles
I love it!!! My horse learned very quickly and it's the most fun, just take it slow and make sure you know how you horse reacts to it before you try anything to exciting! Oreoliberty on youtube has a great toturial on how to teach you horse to ride tackless!💕
thx guys i ride bear back alll the time
It's their horse they can do what they want to be blunt aboutique it 😂😂 but I think it's amazing to watch and it helps the horses back so win win 👍 I really want to go tackless but I can't because I don't have a horse 😂😂
I think it's something that should be limited to certain riders and certain horses. It's definitely something that needs a lot of training and trust between the horse and rider. Far too many accidents happen when young/immature riders that are misinformed climb onto their horses and expect them to listen.
I don't recommend it
I think it's awesome! I'd start riding bareback first and getting the hang of that then when you get the hang of that just use a neck rope :) that's what I did
It's a great idea
I think it is a great way to gain trust and more of a bond with your horse. It can also help you gain more practice with balancing😊
i personally love it
Make sure that you fully trust the horse you are going to do it on. I would suggest riding them bareback first, then you might want to try tackless.