Favorite Grids for rushy horses? What about horses who are lazy with their feet?

bounces. try a bounce, one stride to a bounce again
Bounces . I often do a sequence of bounce, one stride, bounce. Keep your body slow to encourage horse to stay back
My horse rushes at fences ALL the time.So some times all do gymnastics or bounce lines.Cavaletti lines and pole work is great!Doing serpentines with jumps in between are great so the horse has to think about there feet.Lots of turning is also very good with rushy horses so they can't just whip around turns and go crazy,they have to think about what they are doing.Also if your horse is going a little to fast you should squeeze with your thighs,that really helps with my mare.Hopefully this helped!
I know this isn't about the grid portion, but my horse sped up to jumps because I was subconsciously sitting forward. I also like to walk till 2ish strides from the jump and then pick up the trot. Hope this helps :)
Do lots of pole work
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