What riding helemts dont make your head look big and bulky?

I have a one k and I love it it looks slim and it's also very clsssy and comfortable
I love my Samshield! However, it may just be that your home it doesn't fit properly. Did you get it sized by a professional?
Ovation and Charles Owen helmets are great!But make sure they are ASTM/SEI approved!Hopefully this helped!
GPA speed air
I recently purchased a Kask helmet and they are very nice looking and not bulky at all. On the more high cost end but worth it.
I like mine mine is the trolox spirit
It depends of your head shape... but there are lots of brands!
You just have to find the one which fits you, looks nice on you and of course, it passes all the safety tests. 😊
Hope it helps!
PS: I wear CASCO helmets if you want to check them out.
Ovation and GPA (matters which helmet) and some IRH
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