My horse has become a bit pushy and doesn't really respect his boundaries anymore... any thoughts? tips?

Make it clear that there are boundrke
We have a 5 year old OTTB at our barn and he is VERY disrespectful!If starts biting people, pawing or eating the crosstie we take the end of the lead rope and slap him on the neck not to much to the point where it hurts but it tells him to stop, if we slap him on the face he thinks it's a game and keeps doing it.When he gets naughty when we ride him we make him go very forward then come back so he has to think and can't just have a tantrum because he was tapped with the crop.Hopefully this helped!
I always heard ask for what you want and give them a chance to do it and if they don't take the chance and do what you asked for, then demand it.
@nasserdakhail He tends to "take advantage of me" a lot. By this I mean things like when I am hand walking him, it's more like he is walking me (like he's walking ahead and pulling me). When I'm riding and we are jumping he will sometimes take over, as my trainer calls it, and he will just charge at a jump or through I line :/
Do a lot of ground work. Be a little mean with him. Tell him where to go and what to do clearly and demand it at that moment. This works best when you work in a round pen. Have him go in one direction and then the other and then the other and keep switching until he listens to you. Make him move his hind quarters or move his feet in any way possible. He will learn to respect you more once he learns that you are in charge.
remind them that you are boss. don't smack their head as that could make them head shy
I have this problem quite often with my horse Wilbur! He's my best friend, retired recently and on the ground we get along really well. Although I do treat him like a friend/pet and sometimes he does cross the line (gets pushy, bites, pins his ears, acts dominant.) It can be very dangerous and scary. To prevent this - don't allow your horses to nibble you, scratch up against you, lean on you ect. Anything that may hint that they're in charge. I hope this makes sense haha!
I agree you might want to be more specific lol but if you feed them lots of treats they tend to get like that , so I would say no treats until they listen to you
Hay Sarah,
Ummmm can you please be more specific?! In which way he crossed his line?
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