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I might begin riding sometimes in June. Can I have any tips?

I might begin riding sometimes in June. Can I have any tips?
I started riding 6 months ago and I am in love. I started by my friend forcing me to get on a horse I did it and fell in love the moment I started to walk now my mom is going crazy because of me showing her horses I want to buy. Just be confident and nothing will be able to stop you.
Riding horses is really fun!I ride English so hear are some tips:If your horse is being naughty and is not listening don't be afraid to snap back at him.Remeber to always keep your heels down when you are jumping....or else you might fall off.If you get scared on the horse you are riding tell your trainer and see if they can find a new horse.Your trainer is usually right.If you are staring at the ground you might end up there.Last but not least....HOLD ON!Hopefully this helped
heels down and eyes up!

don't get scared because the horse will sense it
Np shorts open toe shoes boot with slight heel no bike helmet real riding helmet and one thing everyone will tell you HEELS DOWN
Stay focused and have fun!
You will have a BLAST! Keep your eyes up sit up tall be the boss
Have fun & be relaxed , do not ride in shorts!! I would wear leggings or breeches and some riding boots