How do you stop a horse from doing flying changes really randomly? I pick up the right leg canter and within 4-5 strides he leaps forward and does a flying change. How do I stop this?

Make sure you have enough inside bend and your leg is in the correct place
Check stifles and hocks, horses will swap if they aren't comfortable
Keep him on a cirole in canter and keep your leg aids on 😊❤
Thankyou I will definitely try that
Was he off the track? I would work on spirals with him. Work in toward the center and then push him back out again using your inside leg on the circle. Eventually have him go straight for a stride or to and work your way up to more.
Also something I find helps with my horse is not trying to manager her stride so much. If I just kind of let her canter and don't mess with her she seems to be happier and not want to lead changes.
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