I was hoping to get some advice on building topline. My warmbloods got quite a bit of bum muscle from hill work but his neck lacks. Is there any excersises I can do to?

Yes, definitely a super loose rein, letting him stretch his neck!
Thanks all! I've always suspected long and low would help but been told that uphill work would be better but I'll get onto it
Long and low to warm up then bring up when starting the work and a stretch break in the middle of the ride and stretchy after your done will help the horse develop muscles
A neck stretch can help put their head in the right position and build muscle
Riding and lunging in a long stretchy and relaxed neck will do the trick :)
Lunging him in side reins
Long and low
LOTS of it. Circles, over poles, figure 8s, serpentines, zig zags. Long and low helps so much
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