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I'm starting my barrel racing this summer any tips?

I'm starting my barrel racing this summer any tips?
ya me to i have always used a clik sound to get my horse to run i dont bearly ever kick him
My personal tips would be don't kick your horse constantly ask with verbal cues once you've asked with your feet once, I think it would help the horse focus on running instead of being kicked
great ill try that thx
I'll tell you from what I have learned over the years of training barrel horses is that I push with my inside leg (the leg next to the barrel) then I keep kicking with my outside leg, also when I turn my horse around the barrel I pull his head or nose to where it is almost touching the barrel. I hope this helps.
well i trained my self and my horse helped me but i just dont know on how to get him to not do such wide turns around the 2nd and 3rd barrel
Hello Harleigh,

It is hard to give you tips if you haven't started yet.
What I advise you to do is to listen to your trainer and read a lot about the discipline before.
Here is a website I like with a lot of different tips about barrel racing :

Good luck :)