How do you memorize your course?

Instead of memorizing it by each individual jump, think of it as a pattern. So like, diagonal, all around the outside, etc
I walk my course several times then draw it then ride my horse in the course
I name the jumps : yellow and black cpuld be bumble bee, red and white could be candy cane, etc.
I also say it over and over in my head
I try to walk it at least twice. I also take a picture on my phone, so if I forget it, it’s easily accessible. Another thing that I do is stand at the ring and trace it with my finger. I also give names for the jumps when they have different colors and designs. Hope this helped!!
Walk it several times then draw it out
After walking the course and revising it over again I usually close my eyes and try and trace out the course and the order of the jumps to memorize it in my head
if given the chance i say walk it as much as i can. if possible i always go the show grounds and walk my XC and Stadium the day before and when i get there in the morning. if you’re in the jumpers or hunter if possible again, walk your courses until you have hem somewhat down and then review them with a coach or someone who knows the courses
What I do is I say the coarse a million times then I follow it with my finger. Example:green line to white flower box to black line and I'd be pointing at every jump almost like drawing out the coarse is the air
I use color and the type of the obstacle and also in the warm-up close my eyes and visualize the course.
I draw it out and walk it
I usually just say it over and over to myself, then I just go one jump at a time. Hope this helps!
I go 1 jump at a time . Ex: vertical. Vertical, oxer. Vertical oxer line.
Look over if multiple times. Or walk it
I walk my fingers over it and repeat it back to myself several times. If it’s an XC course I say ‘jump 1’ then ‘jump 1,2’ and so on
I go by color of the rails and repeat the order to myself
I normally say it to my self a bunch of time maybe say it to my coach or friends a few times and make a little song or pattern to go with the course. Hope this helps!
While walking the course I give the fences different names depending on what they look like, so a fence with rainbow fillers/colors I would name it the rainbows then a blue fence with a cross I might call it the Scottish flags ect I feel linking each fence with a different name/idea really helps me to remember what fence i should be jumping x
I draw imaginary lines to each jump thinking about how I'll get to the jump and what my next jump is. I repeat it out loud to myself multiple times and also drawing it one a paper is helpful. I also memorize the color of the standard or pole if I really can't memorize it
Honestly what I do (even though it sounds silly) is after I think I have the course I explain it to my horse. Step by step like he has no clue how to jump. I do this many times and I think I works pretty well.
Hello Courtney,

One trick I've worked with course memorization is to verbally repeat it. If a fence doesn't already have a name, I make a name for it. It helps me remember the fence and the order!

Hope that helps!

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