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How do you memorize your course?

How do you memorize your course?
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I have photographic memory, so I close my eyes and visualize the course in front of me and it really helps.
Try making it into a song you can sing in your head during your show
I love doing courses and I usually go over the course 5 times before I ride it.Also if you suddenly forget your course during your ride then try to find the best line to another jump I had to do that once and it worked out fine for me.
I like to remember the colours of the jumps/wing patterns. :)
I like to imagine myself riding the course after I walk it. I keep going over it in my head.
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Hi Courtney!

At shows, I try to get my course as soon as I can to begin looking it over. If you are allowed a walk through, I definitely recommend doing it! It'll help you have a feel for the placement of all the jumps in the arena before hand. I find it especially helpful to close my eyes and envision myself riding my course, step by step.
Remember to go in with confidence!
Good Luck :)

Walking the course helps a lot !! Also I personally like to look at the jumps and trace with my finger the whole course on a paper.
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