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Horses should be re-shod every 6 weeks with shoes right?

Horses should be re-shod every 6 weeks with shoes right?
It all depends on the horse
Depends on horse if on tarmac a lot it will be worn down easier and depends on good growtg
Yes that is right. I am in Pony Club and it states that every 6-8 weeks or in some cases every 4-5 weeks. Hopefully this helped!
Every 6-8 weeks
Usually mine is done every 4-5
Hey Maddy,

Yes, six weeks is usually around the time a horse can go before it needs to be re-shod. However, like Taylah pointed out, it really does depend on the horse. Some horses are able to go longer (more around eight weeks) and some need a farrier visit a little sooner (around four weeks). It also depends on your horse's work load and what he is doing. A horse with a heavy work schedule will most likely wear down his/her shoes sooner than a one who spends most of their time in a pasture or barn. Some shoe materials are more durable than others too, which means you can go a little longer before having your horse reshod. Putting all that aside, if you were to run into a situation where your horse pulled a shoe, it is best to have that taken care of as soon as possible -- don't wait for your next farrier appointment

Hope this helps,
Essentially, yes. But depending on the horse you can go a little longer or may have to get them reshod sooner.