Ask @horsealot : I'd like to aim for becoming a Top User. I strive to make my answers top quality, though I should probably start working on quantity too. (Read the rest bellow)

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What a wonderful opportunity to create a positive and thoughtful atmosphere! I'm getting my clients hooked and they love the advice and updates!
Okay, thank you so much!!! @horsealot I would love to here back either way, whether I am added or not. I love being able to contribute my opinions in hopes that they will help others out. This is such a great website! Thanks again :)
Hi Avery,

Your answers are wonderful, very developed, positive and technical. Thank you so much from all our team for contributing in such a good way to our community.

We will pass your profile onto our next round of submission of potential top users profils (tonight), you will receive an email to let you know if we added your profile even though you did not reach 100 answers yet.

Feel free to let us know if you have any suggestion or need anything to make your Horsealot experience better.


Horsealot Team
What advice, specifically for me, do you have for improvement? And how close would you say I am to reaching my goal? Thank you!!
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