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Best way to get mud out of my horse's tail without washing it?

Best way to get mud out of my horse's tail without washing it?
Hard brush works well
Dry shampoo and a wide tooth comb.
Hey Alannah!

I've suffered from the same problem a few times before. I usually just brush out the tail the best I can. (Sometimes a typical mane/tail brush isn't enough, you might have to use a stiffer body brush and/or your fingers to pick some pieces out.) Usually, this is enough and does the trick for me. However, if this method still isn't satisfactory, you can use a leave in shampoo spray to help loosen the rest of the mud.

Good luck,
I'm not talking about stains, but chunks of mud that when you try to pull out rip the hair out.
Hi Alannah,

I would use a dandy brush to get the mud out.(on the tail) Also using the dandy brush helps keep the tail thicker when you use the dandy brush.😊

Hope this will help you!
Hello Alannah,

The first thing to do is to brush him to remove as much mud as possible.
Then if there is still mud on him, you can use a dry shampoo. I use the Veredus dry shampoo on my grey horse an dI love it. It really removes the stains (urine, grass, mud, ...) I bought it on @horsediscount and don't regret.

Hope this will help :)