Lately my horse has been hard to bridle. He walks away as soon as I release pressure on the halter or lead rope, and will turn his head away from me. He sometimes half rears away. Do you have any tips to correct this?

Sounds weird, but put some honey on the bit.. they can smell it and believe me it works wonders!
Teeth and check poll
If he is being hard to bridle he might need his teeth floated!
When you bridle but the halter around his neck so you still have control of him,also you should put the bridle in your right hand (assuming you are tacking up on the left side) so you can hold his nose down and he can't throw his head or walk off.Hopefully this will work it did for my horse and now she is an angel bridling!
Did you check his teeth and if yes put so peppermint flavour on the bit
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