What outfits do you wear horse riding?

For a normal ride breeches a tee shirt and boots and for shows a nice pair of breeches a polo black show jacket and tall boots
I like to wear a kastel denmark//asmar equestrian top, hunt club/C4/american equus belt, piper/ELT breeches and my favorite socks are the Tredstep Solo Pro!
kerrits johdpurs or pj's
I wear a full on body suit
Riding shirt like Essex classic, tailored Sportsman or an ariat polo. Riding breeches, tailored Sportsman, RJ Classics or Ariat.
Right now it is summer so I wear my Kerrits riding tights,my smartpack tall boots, a short sleeve shirt or tank,with an everyday belt, and last but not least my ovation helmet!🐴
I ride english jumpers. When I school I wear a polo tucked into my tan breeches with a belt and tall boots or half chaps. When showing I wear a white show shirt tucked into fancy breeches with a belt and newer tall bots. Over that I wear a black or navy show coat.
Depends on what discipline. When I'm riding English, I'm always in breeches and my tall boots with a tee or tank in the summer or sweater in the winter.
When I used to ride Western, jeans and boots with tees, tanks, or sweaters. Plus my ultimate accessory: my helmet!
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