I'm looking to know what type of bit I should use with my figure eight! I'm afraid of loose rings because of pinching but I'm also afraid of D rings getting stuck! Do you have any suggestions?

Update: I bought a eggbutt snaffle off SmartPak
I personally don't like thoroughbreds. But if you want to buy/lease one, try and avoid "off the track thoroughbreds" (OTTB)
buy bit guards
You're talking about cheek pieces. Hundreds of mouth pieces can go with these.
Mouth pieces vary based on your needs:
Loose ring: swivels in the horses mouth, allowing the bit to sit in a more natural position in the mouth
d-ring: basically standard operating procedure, keeps the bit in one place while allowing the reins to move more freely
Full-cheek: for horses that toss their head, it keeps the bit from sliding through the mouth. Please use bit keepers when using a full cheek, as these put the bit in the correct mouth position.
Ok thanks everyone
If you really want to use a loose-ring, you could buy bit guards to avoid the pinching problem!
I love the full cheek snaffle, looks good with a figure 8 and also the added cheek pressure is great for turning.
The loose ring that I used didn't pinch. My friends horses loose ring pinched a little but she just used Vaseline and it worked out fine👌
Thanks Tallulah! Does the loose ring pinch?
@sharon Park thank you! I use a snaffle with him I'm just wondering about the D rings and such but thank you very much!
I use an egg but snaffle with my mare, and she is CRAZY!I used to use a loose ring with her but then I bought an egg but to try it out and it works great!I think loose rings work very well.But it has happened to me with D rings where it gets stuck then my horse starts freaking out.Hopefully this helped!Good luck finding a bit!
Many people just use a snaffle bit and I do too. This is just my preference. I really don't have any problems with a D-ring bit but I don't use loose rings so I don't know about that. My recommendation is trying out different bits and seeing what your horse likes. Horses' can be sensitive about bits if they don't like it. I hope this helped! :) ( I also think a snaffle looks best with a figure eight)
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