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How often should I clean my tack?

How often should I clean my tack?
Every day
I clean my tack after every ride(which is almost every day), but I oil all of my tack about once a month.
Every day but oil only when needed.
After every ride and if you ride everyday then once a week if your showing in the summer
every 3 weeks
I clean mine about once every other week
Wipe everything down after each ride. Wash every few months, oil once or twice a year
You want nice supple, hydrated leather nothing sticky with dirt or too much conditioner
I try to clean my tack 3 times a week, but doing after every ride is ideal.
I oil my bridle 3 days a week and my saddle once a week. Once a month a take soapy water and clean all my tack with that then oil it so there is not a single dirty spot. P.S. I would recommend using the leather oil because sometimes the wipes or sprays don't work.Hopefully this helped!
Or every other day
Every day
Riens I do it almost every time after I ride