I want to clean my saddle pad and half pad. Do I just put the saddle pad and half pad in the washing machine with detergent?

Yes. I do the same with my lead ropes, halters (that aren't leather), saddle pads, and wraps. I put the extra dirty on my machine to make sure they come out really clean! It has even helped get rid of some rust stains on my older halters
I just put all mine in the washing machine with really mild detergent but if the half pad is sheepskins make sure it's on a low temperature and a low spin x
Depends on the material of the half pad. If it's wool or sheepskin, get a wash that is specifically made for it, otherwise it will dry out and shrink
Be careful on which setting etc, the washing machine is on as the high pressure/spin can damage the pads. I mainly use a wool wash and do mine by hand and then I am sure it's not going to shrink or lose it's colour etc
I will just throw them in the wash
Yes, that is exactly what I do, BUT don't use bleach bc I know someone who did and they rode with the saddle pad and it burned their horse.
That's what I do! I try to make sure I use detergent that's safe for use around pets just in case of allergic issues.
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