How often should you put hoof polish on your horses hoofs?

I put it on everyday after I ride, but my farrier said that it really doesn't do much except make the rider feel good.
I like to put it on everyday after I ride I find his hooves are so much better now and it keeps him very sound. I use a different hoof oil in the winter to the summer as I need them to do different things but it really depends on your horse and your environment.
Everyday in the summer
In the winter I put hoof polish on once a week.It really helped my mare with certain hoof problems like:Cracked,Dry sumtimes even soft and mushy!It also depends on the climate of your environment.If it is hot and dry for a while then gets rainy and muddy then the horses hooves might get soft and the hoof polish really helps with that.If it's really muddy then all of a sudden gets hot and dry then hoof polish helps the hoof stay moist and healthy.You should keep the horses condition of the hoof in mind also.So you are not using to much or to little.Hopefully this helped!
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