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Best brands of competition breeches? Ideally slim fitting and not too long in the leg.

Best brands of competition breeches? Ideally slim fitting and not too long in the leg.
Tailored sportsman or pikeur
The Pipers from smartpak. They have many really comfortable breeches.
Elation platinum breeches from greenhawk are awesome
Tailored Sportsmans!!
Thanks everyone! 🌟
Pikeur is a bit pricey but it is a very nice European brand!
Taylor Sportmans
My favorite are by far cavalleria toscana. A bit pricey though!
It depends on what style you want to get. I like full seat breeches more than anything. Some brands that I like for show breeches, in general, is Ariat, Saxon, and Horze.
My favorite show breeches are the Romfh sarafina knee patch breeches
Hi Georgia,

There are so many great brands out there! It all depends on how much you want to spend. GhoDho are super nice but a bit more on the expensive side. Ariat, Tailored Sportsman, Noble Outfitters, and Romfh are really great too, and are priced more around the median. If you want to spend less, Riding Sport and Piper both carry show breeches that aren't too pricey but are still very good quality.

Hope this helps,
Riderxoxo have some really nice ones
I like Kerrits
Personally I think Ariat has really good show breeches also I agree that Tailored Sportsmans are amazing!I have to pairs of Tailored Sportsmans and one Ariat pair.They both last a long time and don't fall apart.They look really nice in the show ring to.I would definitely recommend both brands.Hopefully this helped!
Tailored Sportsmans are great knee patch breeches! If you're looking for full seat breeches, FITS have wonderful ones!