I have a terrible habit of losing my contact over jumps, are there any ways to improve or for fix this?

@aej37 thankyou! I'll have to give that a go :)
Hello Taylah,

My guess is that your problem stems from your release technique (or lack of?) as you go over the fence. It's hard to give you advice without seeing you ride. However, one thing I've seen trainers use to help riders with their release before, is the driving rein. Simply change the way you hold your reins to the 'driving' position and practice going over jumps like that. It is supposed to help riders learn how to correctly give their horse a release over jumps. It also should help you maintain your contact with the horses mouth when you jump. Eventually, when you get to a higher level of riding, you will learn about all the different types of releases and how/when to use them. It will become natural for you, just be patient :)
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