Best colour on a white/creme horse?

Mine wears navy blue
Darker colours so they pop a bit more and enhance the color
Baby blue
Green or a soft pastel pink
classy colors like hunter, burgundy and navy. blues/teams look good as well as dark purple if you're wanting more fun colors
black, hunter green, or burgundy
Teal or a bluish color
Burgundy on a cream horse, or navy
We use blue on all are light coloured horses
Mint green
Red might look nice and I think purple would too, but any darker colors would look nice
White : teal, lilac
Or mint
Pale blue
Light blue looks amazing on my grey
Maybe mint green or light blue
I have tried dark blue and purple looks really nice on him! :)
I like dark colors like navy or black. Also, you can go with neutral colors with a pop of color. It's totally up to you
Black tack and navy and silver or gold
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