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How long have you owned your horse?

How long have you owned your horse?
4 years
1 year
1 year!
almost 2 years
6 years
One I've owned for a little over a year, and the other I've owned for 14 years but has been in my family for 26 years
2 months :)
Never😂☹️ Always loaned
3 weeks lol
2 years for princess and petel 8 months
1 year
5 yrs
6 and 3 years😅
5 years!
Longest I owned a horse was 32 years. She come from a mare my Grandfather had I raise and trained her my kids learned to ride and showed her and my granddaughters learned to ride on her. She competed her last show at 29
10 years she's now 13 years old :)
Just about 2 months but we have really grown as a team
I've owned ducky for a year and a half. Paige I've owned for 4 months now !