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What kind of fly spray works really good?

What kind of fly spray works really good?
Manna pro natures force! It's all natural(so it's safe around pets and children) and actually works! If there is a fly on my horse and I spray it where the fly is, it drops INSTANTLY! I would TOTALLY recommend this!
ultra shield
ultra shield or hand made one
Pyrhana fly spray works amazing! Better than ultra shield I highly recommend it
Farnham fly spray works really well as well as Ultra Sheila.
Ultra shield is what I use on my horse Tucker
Ultra shield is my all time fav fly spray
Hi Anna -

Great question! Actually, depending on where you're located, select flysprays are better for different flies! Some high-impact fly sprays are Parana, Repel X, Endure X, Marigold and Bronco. Ultrashield works best with larger horse flies. Ones infused with citronella and tea tree oil can also help combat mostiqoes!