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Who is your favorite horse?

Who is your favorite horse?
My Gypsy Vanner eventer named Angus. He got his name from the movie Brave b/c he looks like the horse in the movie. His show name is Merida's Brave Hearted Angus
My little Mare Friday :)
I don't like to pick favorites but Valimar. He is my Eq horse. One of my ponies is more my sisters, I only ride him 1-2 times a week. And Biscuits my other pony is green so she is harder to ride.
Monty my Egyptian Arabian and donut my Oldenburg
Corona my paint mare
Truman my chestnut welsh/ Oldenburg
My favorite is my young paint horse/arabe Shooter because he is my first one and we have a special link :3
My Dutch warm blood Imhutep LB 🤗
My American warmblood Dominick🤗
My pony Chester <3
Tinker toy a little mustang I ride and Michelle the throughbred ☺️