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Should I keep my horse in a stall in the night or in the pasture? I am kind of afraid that putting the horse in the pasture might be a little "unsafe". Any tips?

Should I keep my horse in a stall in the night or in the pasture? I am kind of afraid that putting the horse in the pasture might be a little "unsafe". Any tips?
Both. During the winter I would suggest putting him out during the day and in during the night. That way he don't get too cold. In the summer, turn him out during the night and keep him in during the day. That way he can't get too hot and the sun won't bleach his coat.
Every horse I've ever had has been on night turn out. It's just as safe or unsafe as day turn out.
Sophie Carson...horses have impeccable night vision.
My horses are let into pasture in the morning for a few hours and then I bring them back in but I have a dry lot so they can always be outside but they are not eating constantly and have access to their stalls whenever they want. 🙂
My mare is always outside because she is too energetic and has never gotten anything.
I used to keep my horse out all night but he started to get really bad hock sores. He now is in his stall for the night and I like it a lot better!!
I keep my mare outside 24/7 and she has only ever been lame one time
My horse is out 24/7 not only do horses like to be out, but they can see very well in the dark. As well as being outside more reduces odds of them getting a lot of diseases or colicing. Just make sure there aren't obvious hazards in your pasture and they honestly should be fine. I find the horses that are out MORE often are LESS likely to get injured in the pasture. It's the ones that only go out for small amounts of time that seem to get injured more.
I leave my horse in a pasture with a lean-toss if it rains she can go inside,but if your pasture doesn't have a shelter and it is going to rain I would recomend leaving your horse in its stall
I keep my horse in a stall at night because it's dark and they can't see so he might get kicked by an other horse accidentally or kick one. Also he can step in a gofer hole accidentally since he can't see and break his leg.
I leave my horse in the stall during summer days with a fan , then turn them out at night , in winter they come in when it's really cold but mostly stay out with laments
If you're unsure of leaving your horse out, check to see if there are any obvious hazards such as litter, loose fences, etc. Also consider if there is any shelter for your horse, such as trees or outdoor man-made shelters which the horses have the choice to stand under.
Also, it's important to make sure other horses are out at night with your own. An alone horse is likely to become anxious and worked up, leaving you with a heap of horsey anxiousness the next day!

Also, consider your horses wellbeing. Most horses will choose to be outdoors in all sorts of weather than being stuck in a box, looking out for something interesting to happen. Since leaving my mare out 24/7, she's become a lot more relaxed and content since she's being given the choice to go and roam with her horse buddies. Although she has become a little anxious leaving her friends, the positives absolutely outweigh the negatives.

I hope this helps with your decision :)
Depends, we keep all of our horses in the stalls at night because we have coyotes that live around us that come out at night so we put the horsss in stalls so they won't get injured, and we put them in stalls because at night no one is at the barn it ensures that the horses will stay in thebarn
I agree with Averi. Either way you're at risk. You could get fly boots, sheet, and mask if the pasture has things in it to hurt the horse. Anything helps really in that situation. If you keep them in a pasture in the day and they are a bay or black horse be aware of bleaching.
You have a risk in both, just do what you feel like is safer.