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I'm looking for a new jumping saddle. Any ideas?

I'm looking for a new jumping saddle. Any ideas?
It would be ideal to try a bunch of saddles and find the best one for you and your horse! Depending on your budget I really like CWDs or Pessoas. Only thing about CWDs is they tend to be a "one horse saddle" as to where Pessoas are more versatile
Depends on what saddle you already have and if your upgrading I love thorowgood t8 and bates saddles not the biggest fan of wintec but they will do the job
I really like the Dover saddles. But go with what best fits :)
Pessoa saddles are great
I love my CWD, top quality!
Just go for fit, it's the most important! Real leather is also better, just care for it
I love my M. Toulouse Annice saddle, it's not a top brand but it's good quality and very comfortable,
I have been consistently impressed by me sister's antares saddle. The leather is supper soft and they are built well. I have an off brand M. Toulouse and they are great do the price but they are built more like an ap saddle than a jump.
Thank you!! I will definitely check them out!
Hi Kiki!

I have a devoucoux saddle and absolutely love it!! I am very impressed by the quality and lovely looks of their saddles. They are also extremely comfortable and help keep me in the correct position, which is crucial for jumping. I definitely recommend checking @devoucoux out!

Happy saddle shopping,