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What color looks best on a dark bay gelding?

What color looks best on a dark bay gelding?
I put my dark bay gelding in Hunter green (look at my profile picture)
White or dark blue
Red or any lighter, "cool" colors such as light blue, mint green, teal, and yellow :)
Light blue, mint green or yellow or maybe even red
Red, teal or purple
Bordeaux, blue and green
burgundy/red or navy!
I used mint green for the longest time as my colors, it looks great on dark bays! Another color you may want to try is royal blue!
Burgundy, teal, and hunter green would be my top picks!
Red, burgundy and things like that. I used to ride a dark bay and I used red him and occasionally torquoist. Orange looks very Halloweeny on a black/ dark bay.
Most colours really, depends on your taste. I like burgundy, hunter green, purples, turquoise and reds. Have fun trying out new combinations 👍🏼