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What is your favorite breed of horse?

What is your favorite breed of horse?
Lusitano. These are awesome horses for working equitation
Mustangs or Appaloosa or any horse :)
I love oldenburgs and any type of warm blood
Dutch warmbloods, Oldenburgs, Hanovarians, Shires and Thoroughbreds
Irish sport horse
Ottb!!! Thoroughbred whoop whoop!!
Tb and war bloods love fressians as well ! Any horse is stunning
Well I ride quarter horses but my favorite would probably have to be either a Dutch warmblood or a thoroughbred thoroughbreds are beautiful
Thoroughbred or Hanoverian!
Oldenburgs and Dutch Warmblood!!
I've always loved connameras(I wanna ride one so bad), Holstieners and Oldenburgs! Though I have an American warmblood and god I love him so much!!
Andalucian, thoroughbred and arabian!
Gypsy and paints
warm bloods!!
Shetlam pony and quarter horse
Or thoroughbred they are both good for cross country