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I would like to start learning how to jump with my horse. What would I need to begin?

I would like to start learning how to jump with my horse. What would I need to begin?
Just start with trot poles and going over poles in 2-point position :)
Ike scepanski I know budget equestrian! I love her channel
Well look up budget equestrian on YouTube and she will show you how to build jumps .or you could make a Cavalettiand screw th wood to getter start small work your way up.make shire you know how to jump so it will not be green horse green rider
I would recommend getting poles, standers, and cavalettis for basic training. If you have a person in your barn that is experienced in jumping then ask him/her to give you some advice on positions and the supplies that you need. Also if you have a trainer, you should train with your trainer first. If your horse has never jumped at all, start by putting
about 3 to 5 poles on the ground and make it trot over them. Increase the number of poles until you feel that your horse is comfortable going over these. Then get some cavalettis (3 to 5) and trot over them and train your horse like that. You can increase the number and height after you are sure that your horse is comfortable. Then you can start jumping. You can put the poles up 10 to 20 cm at a time and increase as your horse gets comfortable jumping over these. To make your horse jump squeeze the sides of your horse to make them go over the jumps. As I said I would recommend having a trainer or an experienced jumper with you when you are training to give you advice. Hope this helped! :)
I know it's really long... (sorry)
If you meant supplies, I would buy poles, standers, jump cups, cavalettis..the whole package..obviously you'd need a jumping saddle lol you wouldn't want to jump in a dressage saddle haha but I feel like you get that
You should start with cavalettis and trot poles to encourage the horse to move his legs up higher. Keep trotting and walking over cavalettis. After you have been going over those for a while, apply pressure on the horses sides at a trot while going over to encourage him to jump. Then put a pole up (not on the cavaletti and only a few cm high) and then work your way to cross rails about 15-20 cm high, depending on wether or not you and your horse are ready to jump. Always start with cross rails:) hope this helped. This is how I learned. Most of it was flatting so we could work on the two point. Sorry this was long lol