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Is riding bareback and bridle less is hard?

Is riding bareback and bridle less is hard?
It's a bit of practice but mostly depends how balanced you are as a rider and if your used to the horses natural movements. Love riding bareback and tackless
It really depends how trusting you are of your horse and how well he's trained.
It deepened on the horse
Not really I love riding bareback and bitless! As long as u trust the horse then u will be fine😊
Sometimes I ride bareback and bitless but not bridle less,but bareback is easy if you are well balanced.
I havnt ridden bridless yet so I can't say about that, I think it would depend on the horse and how well you can ride it

But riding bareback is pretty easy as lon as you have good balance and strong legs then it's easy and fun
Not if you've been riding in tack all your life
Well from my experience I would say it is.