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Any advice for cool horse stall signs?

Any advice for cool horse stall signs?
If you put a paper background or lettering out of paper on wood and seal it with mod podge, it works really well
I printed my horse's name out in a font I liked and my dad carved it into a piece of wood for me. He then painted the letters black and put a finish coat on the wood to make it pop. Looks like an expensive one from a professional.
I printed out my horses name from a computer, made it a stencil, and painted it so that the letters were neat. I bought all the supplies from Michaels.
What I did was I bought a plaque of wood from michaels and painted it pink then put my horses name on it in glittery stickers.
Get a peice of wood, chalk paint, and chalk. Paint the wood with the paint and put your horses name on it. Hope this works!!!!!!