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How many times a week do you ride?

How many times a week do you ride?
I do about 2 days of jumping 1 day to lung and 2 days to so flat or a trail rise and then the weekend off.
About 4-5 times a week and ride 3-5 horse a day
About 3-5 times a week
i rode my show ponies 6 days a week only jumping twice and then i rode my pony at my house 5-7 days a week only jumping once or twice
Min 3 times a week since my agistment is to far to go everyday. I have lessons on Tuesdays then Saturday is training days and Sundays are comp days
Currently 2, but soon it will become 3 :)
Twice a week
About 3-4
4 times
I used to ride almost daily, but since my horse retired, I don't ride at all anymore. 💔
4-6 times a week I go to the barn and ride 2-3 times a day.
2 times a week
5-7 times a week, almost once a day
Usually one because of school but when it's a break than I ride at least two times.
Around 3