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Any tips for a horse that rushes into fences

Any tips for a horse that rushes into fences
Thanks everyone I don't think it is really stress he just gets really hiper and I'm only a 13 year old aswell so I mostly do dressage even tho I'm not a fan of it but I know it will help me in the future I normally set up like 3-5 jumps and keep them close so he can't rush thanks everyone:)
I would set a small fence with poles in front so he can't rush. Then go over it again and again until he is noted and goes to it quietly.
Trot poles and go back to basics and teaching half halts
Trot poles and gymnastics and also galt before a jump don't let your horse pull you to hit WAIT ten seconds then jump it
It usually stems from lack of confidence - make the jump so low the horse could walk over it, and focus on a steady, slow approach. You could try doing lots of circle in front of the jump until your horse holds steady and then do the jump. Immediately circle around and do it again. Do it so many times it becomes boring to the horse.
Hello Cody, Basically when a horse rushes to a jump he is usually in a stress condition. You can start by teaching him step by step to build up his confidence. what i advise you to focus on is poles on the ground to pass them in relaxed trot and in a relaxed canter. Also some of the common reason your horse might be stressed is because of the distance try to achieve good distances you can start doing that by setting one pole and coming in a good canter to it and seeing your distance. have a nice day i hope i could have help you in some way :)