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Ask How would you treat rope burn?

Ask How would you treat rope burn?
Why does your horse have rope burn????
You are ok hope you don't make anther mistake next time. LOL :)

I am so sorry Kelsie. Soooooooooooo sorry. ok, that'll do for today then, i think I'm better off going home, say no more and do nothing until tomorrow :-)
Thank You for the help, but I am Kelsie. :)
Hey Katie,

Thanks for your question. So, as you can guess, it all depends :
- If its a severe burn with possibly an open wound, you first need to clean up and disinfect the wound with some Active Scrub for instance ( ; just be very gentle when you apply it of course, as these open wounds from burning are very very sensitive ; however you absolutely need to make sure you disinfect nefore anything else ; after applying Active Scrub, dry up the wound with sterile gauze compresses ; then apply a soothing balm such as Green Ointment (, that can actually be used for many ailments
- If its more of a superficial burn, then go for the Green Ointment only, that should suffice
- And of course, if after a week or so you cannot see any improvement then do call your vet

Finally, as we’ve all well seen, we’re in the fly and bug season, so make sure insects don’t come and infect the wound by disinfecting and applying the ointment on and AROUND the wound

I hope it helps ! and looking forward to seeing your horse get better !!

Pauline, with

Comment traiteriez vous une brûlure cutanée due au frottement d'une corde?

Bonjour Katie,

Merci pour votre question. Pour vous répondre plus précisément, tout dépend de la brulure.
S’il s’agit d’une brulure à vif, il faut tout d’abord désinfecter avec de l’Activ Scrub et sécher avec une gaze stérile ou propre.

J’appliquerai ensuite du Green Ointment , qui peut également être utilisé pour tous les bobos du quotidien.

Si la brulure est superficielle, vous pouvez utiliser uniquement le Green Ointment, sur une peau propre.

Attention, nous sommes en période ou les mouches affluent. Veillez à ce qu’elles ne se posent pas sur la plaie, en traitant AUTOUR de la blessure !

A très bientôt,

Pauline de