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Lease or ownn which one do you recommend and why?

Lease or ownn which one do you recommend and why?
Really depends on where you are in riding. If your financially and ready to buy or lease I would recommend leasing the horse first because you guys may not be the right match
If you have been consistently riding for more than 5 years, are in a good financial, and are ready to give up an enormous portion of your time, owning might be for you.
It depends on budget and risks. It is more expensive to full lease long term, but if they get hurt badly or have an inherited issue, they can go home so that you are not stuck with a horse that you cannot ride or sell. I know that sounds a touch harsh and is probably an unpopular opinion, but it is what works for me. If you are more planning on a pleasure ride or a medium working horse, buying could be better.
It depends own, excuse me saying it, how much money you have. If you are on more of a stricter salary or something similar, leasing is better. Leasing is also better if you are not going to be able to ride 5,6 times a week. If you have enough money and lots of time and commitment, owning a horse could be for you.
lease because you can get to know the horse and if you like the horse definitely own
Own because leases can be swept up from under you.
Depends. I suggest leasing for awhile to get a feel of actually having your own horse. Although, you do have the owner giving you the pressure on what to do and what not to do. But it is a good start. I leased for a little bit a few years ago and then decided to get my own a few months ago. Just take the time to really think about exspenses and where he/she will be kept. There's a lot to it! Best wishes on your horse exploring :)
If you're not sure about owning a horse or can't afford it a lease is a really good way to go.
You should lease first and then own just so you can a little experience ☺
Lease to own maybe because you can decide if you are the right fit and then if you are, then you could buy it! Idk, that's just what I prefer
I prefer owning than leasing because I don't have the pressure from the owner and I can basically do what u want. Without the owner saying don't do that! And if u own he or she is yours and you don't have to stop owning him or her
leasing and owning horses are both amazing but personally i feel buying is better because if you don't have to feel the pressure from the owner but if your leasing from a friend i would do it.
Leasing is better financially and can give you a better idea of what the equestrian world is really like.
If u haven't owned before, I would go with leasing just to get used to the feeling of having to go up in the morning and get your experience with leasing right before u get a horse of your own! I leased before I got my horse molly and I'm glad I did as molly is a handful and if I didn't have some practise before I don't think I would have molly right now!
It depends, leasing is usually less expensive because you don't need to pay for all the expenses of tack, but if you can afford it, then own!
Depends on your experience! Honestly I wished I had leased a horse before I owned one so I knew what I was looking for
Own! I subscribed to someone on YouTube who had to send her belvedere horse back to his owners when he got an injury because she only leased.