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Ask Ravene: what are the first things i should do after a cross country ride?

Ask Ravene: what are the first things i should do after a cross country ride?
Hello Grace,

Cross-country is an event that put to a severe test the physical condition of your horse ! It’s both an endurance and a technical test. It’s essential to be concerned about the recovery of your horse after a cross-country ride to protect him the better you can.

To do so I recommend you to turn towards our product range “Recover after the effort” which includes :

-NUTRILYTE : in liquid form, it is a complement you can directly give into the ration, into the water or into your horse mouth thanks to an oral syringe. Its composition in mineral salts is the same as the sweat : the balance is then optimal after an effort during which the horse has been sweating. It provides electrolytes and reduces muscle fatigue. It is palatable, and also contains sodium, which incites the horse to drink. Be careful to always leave water at your horse disposal !

-NUTRILYTE FLASH : Enriched in dandelion and nettles, it also provides electrolytes. It’s an oral syringe and can be given directly into the horse mouth. The format is ideal when you’re in competition, you can give it just after the effort for example, or after a long transport. In your particular case I would recommend to give it right at the end of the cross-country ride and to make sure that your horse has water at his disposal.

-TENDIFLEX+ : It’s an active clay which relieves after the effort. It captures the heat created by the limbs and redistributes it in the ambient air. Its texture without water makes it easy and pleasant to apply. It contains essential oils of aloe vera, tea tree and menthol and is available in two formats: 1,5kg and 3,5kg.

To complete these products in the expert extern care range you can also find KINESYL : a relaxing massage balm you can use before or after the effort to relax and soothe the muscles. The hyper-oxygenated oils combined with the virtues of rosemary and eucalyptus provide a real muscle relaxation.
Perfect after a cross-country ride :)

Good show ! :)