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Does anyone know some really healthy treats for horses?

Does anyone know some really healthy treats for horses?
I cut up carrots 🥕 and put chaff, oats, molasses and more. Hope this helps 😀
Carrots carrots carrots
I'm always a fan of old fashioned carrots! Lol
Fruits are always good!
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Hello Grace,
Do you know @happycrackers ? They make natural and organic treats for horses. My horse loves it !
If you're talking about homemade treats then I mix some honey, oats, and water and bake it until it's nice and golden. Have most of the oats and less of honey than any of them. Also if you don't exactly know the time when it's done (I never measure the time so I don't know either) I would have it a little undone than having my horse eat something burnt. There are no exact measurements for this recipe so just make how much you want. Just remember not to make the honey too thick. Honey is just for a bit of sweetness and making your treat really thick and sweet isn't good so dilute it with some water. Hope this helped!
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