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What are some essential items to bring to a competition?

What are some essential items to bring to a competition?
Clippers for hair that doesn’t need to be there

Confidence and bravery
Clippers to get any unnecessary hair.
Bottle of Prosecco or champagne if I win
Sun screen is a must
Poop scoop and a hay net !!
Leather cleaner is a must 💜
Also don't forget any of your own gear and bring spares of everything just incase xx
Grooming kit, poop scoop, hay net, water drum, bucket, some feed/treats, tail wrap, cooler, travel boots, saddle, bridle, extras *(Martingale etc)*, headcollar+leadrope, lunge line, and lots and lots of good vibes
One extra if everything from stable gear to tack. You never know when something will break and we all know our horses can be particular on their tack.
Xtra gear like girth bridle etc you just never know when it may fail. And a good attitude.
trust in you and in your horse
All your gear, a sense of humour, a couple of good friends to enjoy the day with and a couple of Bundy rums to celebrate at the end of the day
All horses gear and your own including cleaning equipment. Plus spares just incase of a accident.
Bucket/water for after competing.
A positive attitude no matter how the results go!
A friend for a helping hand and support.
Horse , saddle bridle, boots your gear hat boots ect and your nerves lol
Helmeth, bodyprotector, all stuff to tack horse up and a good spirit
Your horse!
Saddle with leathers and girth!
Bridle with reins!
Don’t forget a saddle blanket! 😉 And definitely make sure you take the horse!! 😂😂
Baby oil