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So my family can not afford a horse but i feel like i can't learn anything new with the lesson horse i am riding. What should i do?

So my family can not afford a horse but i feel like i can't learn anything new with the lesson horse i am riding. What should i do?
There are many way! Save for a horse, share a horse with a friendo, Lease a horse or talk to your trainer to changes horse or ride extra hours without your trainer
Save up for a horse !
Try leasing! Or ride tons of other horses, riding different horses is really benifital.
Try riding anything different and it should all be different
If your coach is switching which horse you are riding its likely because they realise you need a bit more of a challenge. If you really feel your not learning much ask to do ground work or even ask if you might be able to ride in a non-lesson. I started doing that a while back and it really makes a big difference to ride without your trainer present and commenting. The horse hears the trainer a lot of times and responds to their words as well as yours.
Ask them to level you up to a different riding horse
There is always learning to be done. I am currently working a 12 hand pony on long lines. She is doing dressage tests and jumping. It is a challenge teaching her half pass and other lateral movements. With the work on her I incorporating it into the big horses. There is always something to learn if one is willing to do something different. Riding is also horsemanship.
I had this problem one year ago and I talked to my trainer and I started giving lessons to kids, this way I got to pay less for my horse and I could aford it, I also started sharing it with a friend
Share or loan a horse! Lots of people actually need help with their horses
Well when I started riding I went to a ridding school in surry and I started on Welsh pony and from there I moved to a house that had stables and that's were I started buying horses I would always never just buy a horse without lessons
Ask to be moved onto a more advanced riding school horse
Should should talk to your trainer about it and consider leasing or part boarding a horse
talk to your trainer. tell him how you feel. it might take courage but i'm sure you'll manage:) or talk to your parents about leasing. Tell them how you feel about riding and you want to figure out a possibility...
look into leasing!
I'm kinda in the same situation but what I do is I became a stable hand sadly I don't get to ride more but I am learning sooooooo much! I also read about horses and riding and then try then on the school ponys for my lesson! Hope it helps!
If the difficult nervous horses are the only horses available to you then take up that challenge and REALLY learn how to ride and show a horse. If we only ride horses that keep us in our comfort zone we will most likely never learn or improve something new. Pull up yer britches and make yerself a show pony out of the yard dud. I dare yeh😉😘
you could change barns or try leasing a horse
Try leasing a horse. You can ride it much more but it's not as expensive as owning one
talk to your instructor about it