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What to do when our horse refuses to drink outside?

What to do when our horse refuses to drink outside?
When my horse wasn’t drinking, I gave him electrolytes in his feed every day. Make sure he/she always has access to a salt block. Hope it helps!
I would carry some apples put them in the bucket and your horse will drink.Dont worry they won't eat the apples
If you’re stuck at a show w no molasses in your kit- buy a cola or apples or apple juice. Ive tossed a handful of grain in a bucket of water while they watched. That grain splash “effect” worked for a horse at that show. Another of our show horses, we actually packed water from home. You can always prepare your bucket of magic water before you “need” it after the class and try it out.
Add some Gatorade, they love it.
I have heard that you can have some kamille-tea or Applejuice in the water. Perfect if you don't have anything fancy by hand.
Electrolytes or salt licks
Gadorade powder in some food works well or put apples in his water so he will bob for apples while drinking water (whole apples so he can't catch them easily)
Make the horse look forward to drinking water so after they drink, give them a treat until they drink it regularly
I've also used gatorade powder. For horses that are picky about water it helps keep it consistent when traveling to shows
You can maybe try putting molasas in the water, when I go to horse shows or you are travelling a lot the water is different everywhere and the molasas helps them like the taste
Put some carrots or apples in the water. If your horse likes apples or carrots, it will drink the water.
Salt blocks help encourage horses to drink. Maybe try putting one of those up near a water tray. You can also try using some products in their feed to encourage them to drink. Apples in their water also helps. But check with your trainer first before doing anything. Maybe giving your horse some extra electrolytes if it’s not drinking for the time being might be helpful. Good luck!
There is a product called HorseQuench that is designed to encourage horses to drink. It is an additive that you put in water. It’s different from giving electrolytes. Electrolytes given to a horse that isn’t consuming water can actually have a toxic effect on the horse. You could also try providing a salt block for your horse. They often can’t resist the salt and it makes them thirsty so they drink more water.
you can put apples in a bucket of water, the horse struggles picking up the apple so it takes in water while it drinks. this might encourage him to think that apples are in the water bucket outside and drink
Give it Gatorade. It helps dehydration, and your horse might be interested in it because it's something new and it migh be more inclined to drink it. It has electrolytes in it. Just check with your trainer first though.
Try vinegar a cup depending on how did the water container
In Australia we have this thing called Stock Gain, I put it in my horses water when he doesn't want to drink at competitions. Because it has molasses in it he'll drink the water cause it tastes like treats.
get a syringe and get water and skirt it in its mouth. if not drinking :) it's not being rude in anyway
There isn't much you can do. The saying goes "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink". Just keep offering the horse water and they'll drink when they want