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How to manage your couple's life and your passion for horses?

How to manage your couple's life and your passion for horses?
I now only swipe right on Tinder if they have photos of horses. Best be logical. You can love someone who isn’t totally involved with horses, but it’s hoping to be far easier if it’s a shared passion.
Have a husband with his own passion, then they understand why you are so passionate and committed to yours. My husband is a skier so I loose him for several months
Work together.
We live on a 25acre horse farm, my husband has an office job, although he works from home a lot so he appreciates me being around but not in his working space, so the children and I head to the barn. He never grew up with animals and his first time touching a horse was mine. He likes the children to grow up with space and he doesn't like neighbours too close so it works out for us.
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TBH honestly they have to be into it as much as you are and if they cant they have to be at least interested and understanding of what your life is like when this passion can absolutely take over your life. In my experience myself and my SO were both horse people. We made time for all of the other stuff but had horse activities to do together so it just worked out
Haha definitely @241
Get a man who rides :')