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How does a good warm up?

How does a good warm up?
Depends on your horse a bit. Say your at a show, and your horse is stressed - plenty of walk and tranisions. Say you have a lazy horse, not too long of a warm up as they may be tired and nappy for the rest of the session. Or say you have a faster horse, something like circles and transitions is best to get them to calm and reponsd to aids
Transitions and school figures to keep them responsive and supple
I agree with Maddy
Warm up is very very important and it depends on lots of things breeds, discipline, horse etc! U have to feel your horse
Depends on you discipline. Always start long and low, allowing you horse to stretch down and through his neck and back. Keep it to a walk and trot. Gather your reins and do a little more impulsion in the trot. Do some cater work them move onto whatever you are competing in. eg. Dressage (doing the movements or the test), Showjumping/ cross country (practice jumps)