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Best places to live as an equestrian?

Best places to live as an equestrian?
I live in Wellington, the best place for equestrians! Also Lexington, KY
South Africa
Wellington FL and King City
Look at eddiesguns91 on YouTube, she lives in Dubai !
If you are looking to compete, Wellington FL is definitely the place to be. It has a complete range from top circuit to relaxed riding. The community is also mostly built around horses. Though the shows are not year round, it has permanent equestrian activity and is simple to travel from.
North wales in the U.K.! 5 minutes from the beach, instantly on the mountain! Hours of hacking! Not too warm meaning not many flies! Also lots of very nice people and friendly places to go
Wellington 100%
Depends on the discipline if you do more western/rodeo things Texas or Alberta. Horse racing California or Florida. jumping and eventing Aiken. And for dressage it really just depends on the level
wellington, florida (it isn't extremely expensive (compared to where i live)), anywhere in the northeast bc it's somewhat cooler in the summer, yes it is v expensive to live here, but yes it is worth it. there are so many shows around here, vermont summer festival, lake placid, old salem, devon horse show, the list goes
Wellington, FL and Lexington, KY
Yeah sure what do you want to know? Ireland isn't called the Emerald Isle for nothing, it's full of green fields perfect for riding in. Equestrianism is huge here, Ireland produces some of the best show jumpers, event era and hunters.
I'm an eventer, and I've heard that Aiken, SC is great!
Wellington, FL
@laurahalpenny i am irish and i was looking into going there with my gelding! can you give me more info? xx
everyone is saying florida, and although Florida would be great, it's expensive and gets REALLY hot. same with texas, it's quite hot. A good place would be Maryland, there's tons of amazing barns there. I live on the border of Maryland in Delaware, i know it doesn't get too hot in the summer and it doesn't get too cold in the winter, the spring and fall are beautiful times. I'm not just saying this because I live here, I know there are some top barns here. A lot of major events happen in Florida, so if you're a professional high level rider, I would go there, but for simple shows and events and great barns, Maryland is the place.
Florida. And Texas for western. I don't live in those states but California ( where I live) has also good barns.