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Ask Ravene: How should you take care of a thin and brittle hoof? What about just hooves in general?

Ask Ravene: How should you take care of a thin and brittle hoof? What about just hooves in general?
Hi Sharon,

As far as I am aware, my horses are barefoot & I have looked into this quite a lot. The horses hooves can't entirely be fixed from the outside. Making sure the horse has the correct diet which includes biotin, low in sugar & starch but high in fibre is a good start. Shoeing will not help with brittle feet as nailing shoes into the wall will cause it to crumble.
There are plenty of hoof boot brands out there that are cheaper than shoes & your horses feet get to work naturally. It is important to keep things like thrush at bay in the hoof (stinky & appears black). The blood flow being allowed into the foot through natural movement and flexion in the hoof will make it grow. Like our finger nails, when doing more with our hands, our nails will grow etc.

I am not against shoeing & see both sides of the track but prefer barefoot for my horses.
Condition the hooof with hoof dressing to get a thicker (less dry and brittle) strong hoof
Keratex! It's in a blue bottle with a brush!
Hello Sharon,

You'll find in our hoff care range "Easy Feet" everything you need to take care of your horse's feet!

In a general way, BIODYNE provides 20mg of pure biotin a day. It also contains ingredients that allow a godd assimilation such as copper, zinc,...

It is in the form of palatable granules to mix with your daily horse's feed up to 30g during a month.

The biotin action is to help hairs growth, strength and health of the feet and the hair.

For the daily care of the hooves, you have to take into account the aspect of the hooves (dry, humid, fragile, soft,...) as well as the quality of the ground he lives in (very humid, very dry and hard,...)

PURE PROTECT is a colourless ointment hydrating based on essential oils. It's ideal for dry and fragile hooves or when the ground is dry, hard and abrasive. It hydrates, feeds and cleanses the feet.

BLACK PROTECT is a black technical ointment which protects from drying up and helps prevent hoof cracks. It's more for humid hooves and grounds.

PEDIFLEX is a fluid oil with lots of advantages. It dries and cleanses the horn when too humid and hydrates it when too dry.

The three previous products are to apply on the frog, the sole and the external part of the hoof.

NORWEGIAN PROTECT is a plant based pine tar which takes care of the foot protection. It helps against humidity and contribute to healthy frog. It is to use on the frog and the sole. It's ideal in winter when grounds are humid!

Thank you for your question, hope it helps!