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What is the safest, most comfortable helmet in your opinion ?

What is the safest, most comfortable helmet in your opinion ?
Dublin or Charles Owen
Charles Owen
Charles Owens
I have a one k helmet, I love it and it's a pretty descent price
Charles Owen and One K
Charles Owen or a Dublin
Samshield, kask, or kepp
Charles Owen it's completely safe and comfortable. It's around 150$-200$
One k
For lessons I wear a skull helmet with a cover. The helmet is very comfortable to ride in for lessons. And maybe if ur doing a competition and want a fancier helmet, I suggest 'Champion Ventair Deluxe '
One k is amazing!! I love mine it is breatheable and comfortable. Also for a high quality helmet they aren't very expensive I bought mine for about $200.
I love my one k! They look and and feel great! is a great place to look. If you do shows sometimes there are trailers that sell tack that will have them too. Definitely check some of your local tack stores.
I'm really enjoying my new Pikeur Pro Safe Excellence! It's very lightweight and nice shaped
One k are great they feel like a samsheild and look great on
Never heard of "one k" where can I find these to have a look at ? @haileyperry
I love my one k helmet, it's super comfy, and has held up well.
Kep! Safest in the world... Literally