ASK : How would I treat breastplate rubs on my horse? And what can I do to prevent it?

Thank you so much Cheval-Energy !
Hi Aussie Showjumper,

Thank you for your message.

It's a very good question !

To treat breastplate rubs you can use the Green Ointment .

You can apply the ointment in prevention before working, or you can use it to treat friction, after working.

It is THE miracle ointment to treat the small wounds of the everyday life.

If the friction is related to a hunting collar, for example, do not hesitate to add protections in sheepskin on your harness, such as protections for halter 459-protection-halter-sheep-genuine-performance.html? Search_query = sheep & results = 20 , that will fit perfectly and reduce friction.

I hope I have answered your question.

Pauline de
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