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My pony is still shedding, how can I speed this process up?

My pony is still shedding, how can I speed this process up?
I have the same problem with my pony. And we cant clip him because hes terrified of the clippers) so i use a rubber curry and just spend 30 min or so every day scrubbing him, it helps to bring the blood circulation to the surface and lose hair faster
You could clip but if you don't want to what works for me every time shedding season comes around is the easy block... works every time!
You can clip her, use a curry comb, use a shedding blade, or you can try hosing her off and shedding her while she is wet :)
You can clip them
Body clip your pony
get a quality shedding blade and spend 15-20 minutes min every day
Hands On Gloves are amazing! Honestly, they work better than I could have ever imagined. I shared my experience here:
Bathe and scrub shampoo in with shedding blade.
Clip him/her or use a plastic curry comb it helps a lot :)
Leave her in a light blanket (with supervision) and not in the mid day
Wash them and consider getting a hair removal scraper they are great :)
You can clip them.
well if I were you I would just clip her! It's really good for the summer! Helps the horse not get too hot and let's them sweat out easier as well!
Metal curry comb
Lots of grooming (especially the curry comb and shedding blade) my horse used to have that same problem and that's what I did
There's this thing and it's like a brag but has harmless blades and you 'brush' them but it sheds all their hair. I'm not sure what it's called but it's worth having a look at it.
Just curry comb him a lot