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Do you have to have show colours or is it optional?

Do you have to have show colours or is it optional?
Hi Bella,
You definitely do not have to have show colors. Generally if you are going to a horse show that is USEF related or something at or above regional level, you don't want colors on your horse. Having dark brown/black tack and no crazy colors is the best. If competing at one of these competitions, the best option is to wear a solid black or white saddlepad, if you must wear polos, wear black polos for bay horses, and also if at all possible, wear a white shirt and black/dark green/blue hunt coat. This will give a great impression to the judges and other horseshow exhibitors. Crazy/ matching colors can be fun at 4-h or non rated shows, but for larger sized horseshows it is best to have formal attire.
I don't have show colors. In the hunters and Eq nothing is colorful.
No, up to you. Sometimes it's just a bit more fun to have colours but it's optional
No you have to. I keep my colors black and white.
I think it depends on the show. I don't really tend to have show colours and just make sure the stuff I'm showing in is clean