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Butet, Pessoa, CWD, or M. Toulouse? Pros/Cons?

Butet, Pessoa, CWD, or M. Toulouse? Pros/Cons?
Pessoa mine is really soft and fits both all of my horses
If you are looking for the best saddle go with Butet or CWD. I would not recommend M. Touluose or Pessoa. They are cheap and uncomfortable, they also won't last as long and the leather is not great quality. There is nothing to say about Butet other than they are absolutely perfect!!I love CWD to But tbh I like Butet more. CWD can be overrated and the pommel is way to high and does not fit the horse in the right places. There is also to much padding which takes the close contact feel away from your ride which I personally prefer.
CWD is good but doesn't fit all horses. Pessoa is a classic and is the all around best!
Cwd, I just got mine and sold my Antares
Pessoa all the way super super soft for you and your horse easy to clean and lasted FOREVER
I've had both cwd and butet and i love the cwd. so comfy